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  • Portland Educational Article of the Month - How do I Clean Pigeon Feces Out of My Attic?

How do I Clean Pigeon Feces Out of My Attic?

Pigeon feces are among the unsanitary effects of a Portland pigeon infestation. One of the places where they commonly roost is the attic. They throve in the attic because it is a conducive place for building nest and it is less disturbed part of the Oregon house.

When you feel like Portland birds are roosting in your attic, you have to deal with it immediately or bigger problems like infestation and harmful diseases will arise. Aside from the fact that pigeon droppings have strong faulty smell, these wastes are also known sources of bacteria and other harmful diseases.

How to clean pigeon feces from the attic
If you are certain that Oregon pigeons are roosting or nesting in your attic, you need to get rid of their feces and clean up the area as soon as possible. First, put on a pair of gloves and mask. Make sure that you do not touch the feces with your hands. If this accidentally happens, be careful not to touch other things around as the particles might be transferred somewhere else. The bad odor can also affect your breathing when exposed for a very long time – this is why you need to wear a mask. The mask will also protect you for inhaling dust in the attic.

Equipment to use in cleaning feces in the attic
• You can use a vacuum or a broom to sweep the Portland pigeon feces
• Make sure that you do not scatter the feces all over the place as it may carry harmful particles that can be carried through the air.
• Slowly sweep the particles in one direction only.
• Put the Oregon pigeon feces inside a garbage bag.
• Seal the garbage bag once the feces are inside and dispose them.

What to do after removing pigeon feces or droppings
Once the feces or droppings are removed, make sure that you clean up the whole attic thoroughly. Remove other unnecessary clutters in the attic such as Oregon pigeons’ nests, possible eggshells and young squabs. Dispose them immediately as they may be contaminated, too.

Disinfect the whole attic area and keep the door or window open for an hour to let the fresh air in. If possible, install wire mesh or chicken wire to exclude Portland pigeons from the outside and to avoid them from coming back in the attic. Once the cleaning is done, clean up yourself, take a bath if possible and disinfect.

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