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  • Portland Educational Article of the Month - How to keep raccoons out of my bird feeder?

How to keep raccoons out of my bird feeder?

How to keep raccoons out of my bird feeder?

The success of a bird feeder has been proved not only for birds but also for attracting Portland raccoons and other wild animals. The different kind of bird food kept in the feeder also attracts other wild animals and squirrels. Raccoons are undoubtedly cute, clever and chary but prove fatal for the bird feeders. They are omnivorous so all who have a bird feeder don’t be easily fooled with their cute faces.

The raccoons keep other predators away, they are Oregon wild animals but more than that they are fun animals and as they are opportunistic eaters so they can eat anything even the bird seeds. Raccoon can cause damage to the bird feeders any time of the year, but peak time of these masked bandits is spring. When the female raccoons have babies who are getting bigger and require more milk from mama, the mother Portland raccoon finds your bird feeder a pretty nice buffet for her. The raccoons have a sweet tooth, so even any fruity, jelly stuffs in your feeder is at risk.

Now here are few tips tokeep these little masked cute animals abroad:

1. Use piping method or hang them up- you can keep these little rascals at bay by placing some smooth plastic piping around the pole of your bird feeder. You have to wind it loosely so that the Portland raccoons will not be able to grip with its feet and just get frustrated by sliding down again and again. You can also hang the feeders with very thin poles; the raccoons cannot climb such a thin pole and won’t be able to tip over it to access the seed.

2. Go for a crash diet- you can reduce the amount of food in your bird feeder. The Oregon raccoons may seek other places for a buffet when the banquet disappears or reduces.

3. Use repellants and keep the bird feeder out of the trees- if the above efforts fail you can try a raccoon repellant. The repellant will not harm the raccoon but will keep them away, so spray generously on the ground around the bird feeder. If feasible keep your bird feeders away from branches and trees, which act as step ladders to the raccoons and make it easy to grab the bird food. Better you keep any structure away from raccoon which help them climb. You can also set up a clothesline for hanging the birdfeeder, helps to keep them aloof from the Oregon raccoons.

4. Bring the feeders inside each night- Portland raccoons are nocturnal animals, so save your feeders in a garage or shed before it gets dark and your feeder falls prey to the raccoons.

If all your precautions fail then check with your local Portland area council about traps, but please don’t use poison as it creates harmful effects on other wild and pet animals.

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